Thursday, October 27, 2016

Indiana Legislators That Voted To Rob Public Schools

Here are images of the final roll call votes from the Indiana State House and the Indiana State Senate for HB 1003 that passed in 2011 and HB 1005 that passed in 2016.

HB 1003 (2011) established the voucher system that siphons funding from public schools and sends it to private - mostly religious - schools. HB 1005 (2016) siphoned even more money from public schools and expanded the voucher program to become the largest in the country.

Should taxpayer dollars be going to support private religious institutions? I am certain that this is not what was meant in the 1st amendment where it mentions "separation of church and state". Before 2011, Indiana had never used public dollars to pay for private schools. 


HB 1003 (2011) Representatives Roll Call

HB 1003 (2011) Senate Roll Call

HB 1005 (2016) Representatives Roll Call

HB 1005 (2016)  Senate Roll Call

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