Thursday, September 15, 2016

Porter County Community Leaders OPPOSED To The SSCA Charter School

One of the most impolitic parts of the SSCA application is the so-called "Evidence of Support from Community Partners" page, which you can find on the Grace College website under the section designated for SSCA in the 'attachments' located here. It reads as though the charter organizers combed through a list of prospective politicos that ALEC may want to buy and added those names to their application as community partners. In another post, we will feature these politicians along with highlights from their voting record: the link to that article will be posted here.

Through this process what we have found is that there are many local leaders, elected officials, and candidates for office that stand OPPOSED to this charter school. So, we decided to put together this "Evidence of Opposition from Community Partners" page to feature community leaders who are also advocates and supporters of public education. If you do not see your name on this list and would like to include your statement, please email Hoosier Voices at Please join us in sending a resounding 'thank  you' to these community leaders for their bold leadership and strong voice in support of public education.

We will continue to update this page as we collect more statement's of opposition to the SSCA charter.

Duneland School Corporation Superintendent, Dr. David Pruis

Valparaiso Community Schools Superintendent, Dr Ric Frataccia

To read Dr. Frataccia's statement of opposition available on the district website, click here.

Portage Township Schools 

The School Board passed a resolution of opposition on September 14, 2016 and Board Vice President Cheryl Oprisko attended the public hearing to read the resolution.

All 5 members of the Valparaiso School Board have expressed opposition to the SSCA charter school. At the September 15, 2016 Board meeting, the board unanimously agreed to draft a resolution of opposition.

Porter County Councilor, Sylvia Graham

"Porter County is blessed with 4 star schools that prepare our children for their futures. Three referendums have been passed by the people wanting to keep their school districts financed to maintain their quality standards.
Charter schools were to be used in areas where public schools were failing.
Again, no one has shown a need for this in Porter County. I believe those proposing this Charter school wants this charter to happen strictly because they want it. There is no proof that it is needed."

Porter County Councilor, Dan Whitten

To read Dan Whitten's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here.

Valparaiso City Councilor, Diana Reed

To read Diana Reed's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here.

Valparaiso City Councilor, Robert Cotton

To read Robert Cotton's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here

Valparaiso City Councilor, Deb Porter

To read Deb Porter's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here.

4th District State Representative Candidate, Pamela Fish

To read Pamela Fish's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here.

5th District State Senator Candidate, Jim Harper

To read Jim Harper's statement of opposition and watch the accompanying video on Facebook, click here.

Portage City Councilor, Collin Czilli

To read Collin Czilli's statement of opposition on Facebook, click here.

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  1. I am also opposed to new charter schools in Porter County. Public schools already are working with minimal resources. We need to find ways to put more funds into public education so we can prepare kids for careers and college. Charters just siphon away our hard earned tax dollars into private enterprises.
    Jon Groth