Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If you are keeping up with this years election posts, you have seen many posts supporting candidates from both major political parties, you have read the many reasons why you should or should not support a particular candidate, and you have seen the contributions swell for those who carry their "party's banner" proudly.  Here at Hoosier Voices we put the party affiliations aside as we list endorsements of PRO-PUBLIC Education candidates from across the state.  These candidates are those who we see supporting Hoosier school children by ever means possible if elected to serve in the capacity they have chosen to candidate for.  Please read, research, and VOTE for those in your district or statewide who you see supporting PUBLIC Education and Children on the large scale.  When you vote do so with an informed knowledge that you are electing the best for OUR children. 
This is a list of those candidates deemed pro-public education.  We have researched and determined they rise above their opponents in the area of public education support.  Some of these candidates are educators(e) or former educators(fe).  If you have not yet cast your ballot, we encourage you to cast in favor of public education in your district and statewide by voting for these candidates and showing your support for Hoosier children.
HD 1:          Linda Lawson
HD 2:          Earl Harris
HD 3:          Charlie Brown
HD 4:   (e)   Deb Porter
HD 6:  (fe)   B. Patrick Bauer
HD 7:          David Niezgodski
HD 8:          Ryan Dvorak
HD 9:          Scott Pelath
HD 10:        Charles “Chuck” Moseley
HD 11:        James Metro
HD 12:        Mara Candelaria Reardon
HD 14: (fe)  Vernon G. Smith
HD 15:        Jim Wieser
HD 16:        Rich Ludington
HD 19:        Shelli VanDenburgh
HD 21:  (e)  Jodi Buoscio     
HD 26:        Randy Truitt     
HD 27: (fe)  Sheila Klinker     
HD 29: (e)   Joe Marcum     
HD 30:        Chuck Sosbe     
HD 32:        Bob Ashley
HD 33: (e)   Shon Byrum
HD 34: (fe)  Sue Errington
HD 35: (e)   Melanie Wright
HD 36: (fe)  Terri Austin
HD 39:        David Russ
HD 42:        Mark Spelbring    
HD 43: (fe)  Clyde Kersey   
HD 45:        Bionca Gambill  
HD 46: (e)   Jim Mann II     
HD 52:        Charles Odier    
HD 54:        Tom Saunders 
HD 56:        Phil Pflum
HD 60: (e)   Daymon Brodhacker
HD 61:        Matt Pierce     
HD 62: (e)   Jeff Sparks     
HD 63:        Mike Braun
HD 66:(fe)   Terry Goodin     
HD 70: (e)   Heidi Sellers     
HD 71:        Steve Stemler     
HD 72:(e)    Kevin Sue Bailey    
HD 73:        Douglas Leatherbury
HD 74:        Christopher Coyle    
HD 75:        Steve Spinks     
HD 76:        Tony Goben     
HD 77:        Gail Riecken     
HD 78:        Stephen Melcher
HD 80:        Phil GiaQuinta     
HD 81:        Thad Geradot  
HD 82:        Mike Wilber    
HD 84:        Fred Haigh     
HD 86:        Ed Delaney     
HD 87:        Christina Hale     
HD 91:        Patrick Lockhart
HD 92:        Karlee Macer     
HD 94:        Cherrish Pryor     
HD 95:        John Bartlett     
HD 96:        Gregory Porter     
HD 97:        Justin Moed     
HD 98:        Robin Shackleford
HD 99:        Vanessa Summers
HD 100:      Dan Forestal     
SD 1:             Frank Mrvan     
SD 4:             Karen Tallian     
SD 6:             Roxanna Hanford
SD 15:           Jack E. Morris     
SD 22:           Ron Alting
SD 29:           JD Ford     
SD 38: (e)      Tim Skinner     
SD 39:           Steve Lindsey
SD 43:           Rudy Howard  
SD 45:           Julie Berry     
SD 46:  (e)     Chuck Freiberger
SD 47:           Richard Young
SD 48:           Larry Vollmer     
Secretary of State      Beth White
State Auditor             Mike Claytor
State Treasurer          Michael Boland
CD 1:                 Peter Visclosky
CD 2:                 Joe Bock
CD 7:                 Andre Carson
CD 8:                 Tom Spangler