Writing a letter to your elected representative can seem like a daunting and unproductive task. Yet, letter writing is one of the most important communication tools on which your representative counts. Here is a quick and easy 4-step method to follow when writing letters to your representative.
Dear Rep. _______,
  1. The first sentence should identify who you are and what relation you have to your representative. This takes a little more than saying “Hi, my name is _______”. Here is your opportunity to say whether you are his constituent or not, your job and or family role, etc.
  2. The next sentence specifically identifies the ONE bill that you are contacting your representative to discuss. Include the bill number and the common name of the bill. It is important to keep this part simple and stick to the concept of ‘one letter, one bill’.
  3. The next sentence describes the action you wish your representative to take and why you want them to vote for or against the bill. Remember two or at the most three well-defined reasons are more than enough in your letter.
  4. The last sentence is to thank them for their time and for reading your letter.
Your name
Your address, city, state, and zip code

By following this 4-step method, letter writing to your representative can be highly effective for very little time investment, Just remember to keep your letter as simple and clear as possible so your letter can have the maximum impact.

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