Saturday, April 2, 2016

"He said, She said" - comparing Tony Bennett and his crony, Jennifer McCormick

There is a new Facebook page, Hoosiers Against Jennifer McCormick, that is hoping to gain support to keep the GOP's apparent nominee from defeating Superintendent Glenda Ritz in November.  Although Dr. McCormick has not been given the nomination (that has to wait until the convention this summer) she is making the campaign rounds as if the nomination is hers.  This new Facebook page seeks to show voters the commonalities between Dr. McCormick and ousted Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Bennett.  

Those of us at Hoosier Voices have noted many details in the McCormick campaign and her education profile that show her to be a female version of Dr. Bennett.  It appears those behind the page have also come across wide ranging comparisons, calling her the "Tony Crony" and pointing out that she is already displaying characteristics of a Bennett "clone".

The new Facebook page has also begun a series of "memes", titled "He said, She said" detailing some very similar quotes by both the ousted Bennett and the wannabe GOP nominee.  With permission from the pages owners, we are going to post their "memes" here as they post new ones.  With the permission to post these "memes" we promise to ask our viewers to check out the page and give it a like.  If you are a true supporter of Indiana PUBLIC schools, our children, teachers, and current Superintendent of PUBLIC Instruction Glenda Ritz, follow the page and share it with your friends and other advocates.  

Visit Hoosiers Against Jennifer McCormick for the latest "memes" before we post them here.