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Time To March, Ritz Army!

Time To March, Ritz Army - Complacency Is Not An Option

According to the WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey, Glenda Ritz has a seven point lead over her Republican challenger for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The poll has Ritz with a 45% to 38% lead.  The poll does not indicate a "margin of error", so this lead may be a bit deceiving.  

This election is an important election statewide, for our children and our PUBLIC schools.  Their are races up and down the ballot that we must all pay attention to locally and statewide, as well as nationally.  We cannot let our guard down for one second and relax, thinking our PUBLIC school supportive candidates are safe from defeat.  Hoosier Voices founder Philip D. Arnold sums it up pretty clearly in a statement about this recent poll.  

Mr. Arnold says, "Ritz Army, we cannot be complacent. Polls don't matter much. VOTES matter. November 8, we must March once again to show Pence and his ponies that we have just begun to fight to take back our PUBLIC schools. Spread the word about the positive strides Glenda Ritz has made in her four years in spite of the GOP partisan politics and attempts to strip our 1.3Million votes. Make you Voices heard once again and vote to re-elect Ritz, give her a Democratic Governor in John Gregg, a pro-public education legislature by electing those supportive of our PUBLIC schools, and vote out those who have passed legislation destructive to public school goals."

After the election of Glenda Ritz in 2012, it became more evident that there were certain players out to "destroy" our traditional public schools in favor of the privatization lobby across the state.  These "Partisan Hacks" have made it a mission to spend their money electing POLITICIANS like Mike Pence, Tony Bennett, Eric Holcomb, and Jennifer McCormick to further advance their goals of shutting down our public schools in favor of the corporate run charter/private school industry to pad their wallets.  You need look no further than their campaign finance reports to see the heavy hitting players in this political game of chess to take tax dollars earmarked for our public schools to fund their corporate buddies in the charter/private school world.  Look for example at Fred Klipsch's Hoosiers for Quality Education and the money they are putting into funding the campaigns of Jennifer McCormick, Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, Senate Presendent Pro Tempore David Long, and others who are determined to do their bidding to wipe out public education as we know it in favor of the charter/private school elite.

We must actively participate to help candidates like John Gregg and Glenda Ritz win the "top of the state ballot" races, while electing local candidates in Senate and House races to take the politicians out of the game and out of our public schools.  We need to support candidates like Speaker Bosma's challenger, Dana Black, and Senator Long's challenger, Juli Dominguez, and a wave of other public education supportive candidates to take away the GOP stronghold on this state and return common sense education policy back to our teachers and public education friendly legislators.  Click the link below to see other PUBLIC school supportive candidates across the state who need our support.

Indiana's PUBLIC Education Friendly Candidates

It is imperative that we make our voices heard once again.  1.3 Million voters put Glenda Ritz in office in 2012 to stop the flawed Mitch Daniels/Tony Bennet reform practices.  Those same voters, forgot that Mike Pence (like the current GOP Gubernatorial candidate) was just another reform puppet to the corporate privatization regime.  We must remember this November that, in order to stop the push of flawed and failed reforms and sloppy destructive legislation, we must give Superintendent Ritz a Governor in John Gregg and legislators who will work WITH her and FOR our public school children and teachers.  This election is so important to the progress of our schools, the mental well being of our over tested children, and the retention of our excellent public school teachers.

Put these 1.3 Million votes to use as a strong voice to the partisan politicians who want to hoist themselves up on the backs of our children and tell them "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".  Glenda Ritz came into the race in 2012 as a teacher, an educational leader with the knowledge and desire to help our children.  Her challenger claims the same; however, looking at her campaign contributors and her wavering stance on the Superintendent's position she appears like more of a politician ready to pounce to advance herself above being a local school superintendent into a career ready political hack like the rest of her pack.  It's time once again for the Ritz Army to march.  March into your polling place, make your voice heard and make your vote count.  It's time, Ritz Army, to stand up for what you want to do and GO DO IT!

While Indiana partisan hacks play politics, Glenda has developed a plan. Logic and Leadership are Hoosier values that Glenda brings to Indiana and to the Superintendent's office.
Thank you Superintendent Ritz for all you do to ELIMINATE ISTEP!

In Glenda's first 4 years as SPI, she has bridged the aisle between Republicans and Democrats to do what is right for Hoosier students. Let us not forget - she is JUST GETTING STARTED!

You know what they say about women that get things done?! Glenda has faced partisan political opposition head on and still gets things done for Hoosier students. We know there is a better way to measure school accountability than this bogus A-F grading system that is tied to the broken ISTEP test, and at the same time we see how Glenda has done her job in spite of these challenges handed to her.

For 4 years, Glenda has been making it happen with Career & Technical Education in Indiana and she has created positive change for ALL students by ensuring an education system of high quality that provides equity for academic achievement. "The more students can connect their everyday learning to meaningful, real world applications, the more likely they are to value higher levels of learning and persist toward their goals.” - SPI Glenda Ritz. We couldn't agree with you more Glenda and we see the value in all you have done to change CTE for the better in Indiana.  
The time is NOW to share the results of Glenda's leadership with others and re-elect her for another 4 years as Superintendent of PUBLIC Instruction.

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