To find your state legislator's phone number or email, visit the website of the Indiana General Assembly:

Keep in mind that most telephone calls are taken by a staff member and not the actual legislator. If they are not available, you may also leave a message. If you speak with someone other than your legislator, take down their name.

Upon reaching your state legislator on the phone, it's easiest to follow these basic steps:
  • Identify yourself by name and your local association.
  • Explain why you are calling: "I am calling to support/oppose HB____/SB____."
  • Be polite and concise. Developing one or two brief "talking points" will focus the content of your message. Too much information may confuse your message.
  • Ask your legislator his/her position on this issue. Don't assume that your legislator has prior knowledge of your issue. Be calm, respectful, and be prepared to educate, using local examples to accentuate your point. If the legislator requires further information, provide it as soon as possible.
  • Thank your legislator or the person who took your message for their time and consideration

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