Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mid-Term Grades: State Representative

Hoosier Mom's Public Education Grade Book

Spring 2013

It is that time in the legislative session when the Hoosier Mom must submit the mid-term grade card for our legislators. The grades are based on their support for public education as measured through their votes. 

The Hoosier Mom chose 5 bills as "tests" of our legislator's support for public education this session. Just like in school, legislators will earn points by passing the test and using their vote in support of public education. Just like in public school, legislators that chose to not take the test do not earn points: there is no make-up test. 

The 5 tests were:

HB 1003 - Voucher Program Expansion

HB 1334 - Singling Out Public School Employees & Freedom of Speech

HB1337 - Corporate Takeover of Schools Based On Fatally Flawed A-F Scale

HB1338 - Virtual Charter Expansion

HB 1357 - Deprofessionalization of School Administrators

There are many legislators who are failing to support public education. The Hoosier Mom suggests a voter takeover of these legislator's positions, especially if their grades do not improve over the course of the session. Accountability is the priority here: they must be held accountable to the voters.

Early intervention can also be important in changing a failing legislator's grades. Voters - please contact your failing legislators and provide early intervention services. They need direct remediation on the educational priorities for Hoosier children: the voters expect better from our legislators. This may require extra time on your part - services via phone calls, emails, visiting the statehouse, writing letters, etc. 

If we all work together, we can turn-around the grades of these failing legislators and re-direct their focus on providing a high-quality public education for all Hoosier children.

The gradebook is as follows:


  1. So it seems that except for a few independent thinkers the grades are clearly segregated by party affiliation. What do we have to do to better educate those incapable of attaining at least a C?

  2. Bacon and Saunders must be the black sheep of the Republican party! :)

  3. Thank you for all you are doing to support our public school children in Indiana!