Sunday, April 7, 2013


Tomorrow, April 8, 2013, your Indiana State Senate will take a vote on HB 1003 - Voucher Expansion. 


It is time to show our legislators the power of 1.3 million voices.  We spoke up in November and sent Tony Bennett to Florida when WE elected Glenda Ritz.  We need to speak up again and tell our senators to once again VOTE NO on HB 1003. 

Now is not the time to rob more money from our public schools in the form of vouchers for private school students.  We can not afford to continually take money from our PUBLIC schools to finance private parochial and charter school corporations.  We MUST stand up and be heard, loud and clear, once again.

Contact your Senators TODAY and let them know that you will accept nothing but a NO vote on this funding fiasco they call voucher expansion.  HB 1003 is a nightmare to our public schools. 

Click the Action button above to see what this bill does to PUBLIC schools.

22 Indiana Senators (out of 50) voted NO two years ago on the voucher bill. 
We need 26 to vote NO on the current voucher expansion bill!

That's how many State Senators WE need to vote NO on current voucher expansion bill.

26 Call them one-by-one and tell them to vote NO on HB 1003.
Just because the State Supreme court ruled they were okay, what's the rush? Why ram this bill through that will strip public money from local schools in a time when there is already NO new money?

If this bill passes, YOUR local school will be begging YOU for money in referendums, laying off more teachers, pushing 100's of fundraisers, cutting art/music and clubs, and reducing sports.
WAIT!!!!! They already do that - so multiply this by 100 times!!!!!

Vouchers aren't going anywhere. So, let's see if they work and how they can be funded without taking money from our already tight budgeted PUBLIC schools.

Email your State Senator, and call them. Then have 3 people you know do the same! TODAY

Click the image below to find contact information for your state senator.

Below is a list of Senators who need a little extra "push" and a reminder of what 1.3 million voices sound like when speaking in unison about our mission.  Let them know that we EXPECT them to act fiscally responsible toward our PUBLIC schools.  They must vote NO on HB 1003 to stop funnelling public tax dollars from PUBLIC schools to for profit private and charter schools and their corporate sponsors.

Banks, Jim - s017 - - R

Bray, Rodric - s037 - - R

Buck, Jim - s021 - - R

Charbonneau, Ed - s005 - - R

Kenley, Luke - s020 - - R

Kruse, Dennis - s014 - - R

Landske, Sue - s006 - - R

Schneider, Scott - s030 - - R

Walker, Greg - s041 - - R

Waltz, Brent - s036 - - R

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  1. Thank God Indiana is pursuing school choice in a meaningful way. Why are government schools entitled to some sort of monopoly of funding? Competition has brought us innovation, all kinds of new and better devices that improve our standard of living, improved quality and reduced costs of all products and services. To say that education must be off limits to competition is ridiculous and foolish.