Sunday, September 18, 2016

50 Days To Come Together

I am writing this blog post for one purpose, to wake up all who support a common end goal to COME TOGETHER for the good of the cause and make it happen.  We have seen, through our #StandUpForPublicEducation campaign, that a common goal can be reached when in fighting and petty differences are put aside to reach the desired outcome.  I observed many community leaders, over the past weeks, taking a stand to defeat a proposed charter in Porter County.  There are forces across Indiana, similar to those in the Porter County area, who share common goals but have differing opinions on the means to reach the desired outcome.

In 2012 I started Hoosier Voices as a platform to promote PUBLIC education and those who support our PUBLIC schools and elected officials and candidates who feel the same.  Often times from the beginning of Hoosier Voices to now, I have seen forces with the same goal become distracted from reaching the goal because of petty arguments and differences in means to reach the same goal.  Once forces were joined, the grassroots campaigns became nearly unstoppable.  I saw this again this past week with the defeat and ultimate SSCA charter application withdrawal.  This is the direction we need to find across the state of Indiana.

We have 50 days to find our common ground once again, set our true outcome goals, set aside the petty differences and in fighting, and Stand Up For Public Education once and for all.  It is time all the collective forces across the state come together, as was done in 2012 for Glenda Ritz, to defeat all who stand in line to further destroy our PUBLIC schools through their reform minded legislation, charter school applications, false statements about our Department of Education, lack of support of educators, financial robbery for private benefit, and ill devised methods to discriminate against our neediest children.

Please, find the common ground necessary to stop the squabbling.  Stand up WITH one another and SUPPORT the ultimate goal of PUBLIC EDUCATION across the state.  Don't air your "dirty laundry" publicly to give others fuel to undermine the purpose we all seed to achieve in the end.  50 days is not much time to promote, support, and campaign to reach PUBLIC EDUCATION victories across the state.  Let us vow, today, to stand together to reach our common goals and show that we all #StandUpForPublicEducation.

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